June 22, 2012

To answer the request from developers wanting to integrate Senspod data into their own applications, we are releasing our first version of the Sens2Cloud API. The principles that guided us were ease of use, flexibility to adapt to new types of sensors, and flexible controls.
Dominique Guinard (with Ion and Mayer) highlighted the advantages of using REST for wireless sensor networks in this publication:

He concludes “Participants identi ed that RESTful Web services represent the most straightforward and simple way of achieving a global network of smart things because RESTful Web services seamlessly integrate with the Web.”

Now that the framework is released, the next Senspods will all follow the same data format, but since we’ve got already 15 Senspods, you have a busy summer ahead of you.
In this manual, you will find how to deal with:
Query format
Returned values

Senspod’s functions
Get the Senspod’s frame data units
Extract the last X Senspod’s frames
Obtain Senspod’s frames between two dates

Have fun.

Sens2Cloud manual
Sens2Cloud manual

December 10, 2011

After beta tests in 6 countries (out of 18 countries where Senspods are used), we are now releasing Senspod App.
Starting with EcoSense, you can now download software directly from the Android Market, install it on your Android devices and start making a difference for the environment in your city.
Simple steps:

- Scan the QR code,
- select install,
- launch the app,
- select your Senspod and enter 1111 for pairing.

Send your friends the web address to see your data live. You are done.

Current record is 1:48 (and that was even without any warm-up whatsoever).Can you top that ??

September 8, 2011

Air pollution causes nearly half a million premature deaths each year in the European Union. In busy cities, air quality is usually at its worst, with high concentrations of particulate matter (PM) and ozone. The average life expectancy of people living in the EU’s most polluted areas is reduced by over two years as a consequence of this. A lot can be done at a local level to avoid these emissions.
The European City Ranking is part of the “Soot-free for the Climate!” campaign.Its goal is to demonstrate that many local solutions to improve air quality exist and to find out how cities use these solutions, if at all. This ranking mainly focuses on efforts made to reduce particulate matter (PM10) and soot, or black carbon. However most measures looked at also help reduce other air pollutants, and can therefore serve as general examples for good air quality policy.

The top 3 cities are: Berlin, Copenhagen, Stockholm.
Then come: Vienna, Zurich, Amsterdam, Lyon, Glasgow, Graz, Paris.

These cities get a shameful F grade: Brussels, London,Madrid, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Milan, Rome.

When will your city start using Senspods ?

For more details:

July 31, 2011

Sometimes looking back at forecasts or roadmaps can provide valuable insights and better understanding of the present.

This document was produced by Nokia (back in 2006 !), which even though it has a rocky future ahead still sold 88 million phones in Q2 2011.









(See Original at the bottom of this post).

We will not go into controversial debates regarding the company’s recent strategic decisions, however when looking at their forecasts quite a few developments forecasted have become a reality today…….sometimes timeline was off by a couple of years, other times things happened a bit sooner than they thought. Overall,  it seems that back in 2007 the people responsible for imagining what the mobile world would look like 5 years later had a pretty clear vision…… Let us see some predictions right on target, some futuristic and some that may take some time to become a reality.



  • Watches, toys and other small battery operated devices will be able talk to mobile phones, thanks to Nokia’s innovative Wibree technology and its incredibly small power consumption

Wibree became Bluetooth Low Energy




  • With Smart connectivity your mobile can seamlessly switch between radio connections to give you the best quality, fastest speed and/or cheapest available connection


……except that with Orange I doubt it will ever be possible to get the cheapest available connection (let us not talk about speed).



  • Widgets bring a wealth of new applications to get you the information you need to stay up to date with from the Internet


Mobile is the promised land for widgets and social widgets will     probably grow quickly as well.



  • Augmented reality Devices that deliver information based on context. “Tell me what that building is”, “bring me the website I was looking at last Friday” or “find me an excellent tune for getting ready to go out” are all commands that can readily be followed


Layar, Metaio, TAB Worldmedia and of course Wikitude Drive are brilliant examples of the power of AR………



  • Mobile marketing will expand rapidly, offering businesses a unique opportunity to market products on a one-to-one basis.

Promoted Tweets, Facebook Messages, the list is too long for this posting.



  • GPS enabled social networking on your mobile will soon enable you to track down friends who are nearby


Google Maps Leads the Way in Connected UK Mobile App Usage in June 2011 , applications like Four Square or Tweeps around keep growing….



  • Data download speeds increase to tens of Mbits per second with long-term evolution (LTE or 3.9G) cellular technologies


Yep, LTE is getting out there; I think telcos skipped 3.9 G and went directly to 4G…




  • Camera resolutions in mobile devices will reach 10MPix, 7x optical zoom and HDTV recording capability

Close :   Samsung Galaxy II is at 8 Mpix, iPhone 4 has  HD video recording.




  • Devices can be made of materials that disintegrate at the end of life minimizing any impact to the environment


Ahead of time !! We all already have seen plenty of these devices with very short lifespans !!  Quality is one of our top priorities, and no we do      not intend to provide Senspods that you can plant in the ground so they disintegrate and bloom from flower seeds contained in the protective casing .….




  • Integrated health sensors on you and on your mobile will provide diagnosis ‘on-the-go’ and alert you to any health risks, such as an increase in blood-pressure. Your mobile will be able to detect high pollen count areas or any flu virus lurking somewhere near you


Sensaris products and services provide heart rate, blood pressure, glucose, temperature, blood oxygen saturation , lung capacity and a number of new applications are in the pipeline…………..At the moment we have no direct virus but stay tuned………………



Want to get some insight for the next few years ? Start reading articles like the one on Google Think Quaterly Innovation:




We are working with our partners and customers to shape what mobile sensing will look like in 2016.Contact us if you want to keep your competitive edge and be among next gen innovators.
Nokia Roadmap



June 25, 2011

Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol. 13, EGU2011-9410, 2011

G. Stewart, I. Mead, O. Popoola, M. Calleja, M. Hayes, J. Saffell, P.
Landshoff, and R. Jones

High-frequency measurements of nitrogen monoxide (NO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and carbon monoxide (CO) were made using a dense network of electrochemical sensors at urban sites in Cambridge from March – June 2011, with the aim to improve understanding of the behaviour of these species on fine spatial and temporal scales. Continued…