July 20, 2012

Using Senspods, it is now easier than ever to check indoor environmental quality.
The new Senspods were developed and trialed through a grant from the Eco Energies Innov funding program Eco Innov focusing on home energy savings.
Studies at Coventry University clearly showed that monitoring CO2, temperature, humidity and amount of light is also useful for home energy profiling and to better understand where gains can be made towards passive homes.( Coventry Passive Homes ).
The data can be visualized in real time using mobile phones or data sent to the cloud can be to compare the environmental quality of different homes.
Public building requirements: New focus on schools and day care centers in France.
In France , a new requirement for day care centers came into effect on July 1 st 2012 and requires all buildings to characterize VOCs (formaldehyde and benzene) and CO2. Carbon dioxide has no effect on health but it is an excellent indicator of the degree of air confinement and renewal rate.
A recent study in the Midi Pyrenees regions shows that out of 310 schools, 21 % have insufficient ventilation.Midi Pyrennees Schools
This in line with a previous study which looked at 160 schools in 13 regions in France which found that 16 % of schools (25 % in elementary schools) did not meet the French Committee for public health values. Indoor Air quality study
If you want to find out about your own living spaces, your office, gym or if you’d like to know how schools can improve the well being of the students, we probably have a solution for you.