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All ZaoPods are provided with an Android or iPhone (for ZAO) application.

How to use them ?

  • With your mobile: turn your SensPod on, pair it with your phone, start reading and sharing results.

ZAO, a all-in-one device - Patent pending

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Product Description

A wireless and communicating all-in-one biomedical device for m-health applications.

In a single package the following functions are provided:

  • pulse oximeter
  • blood pressure monitor
  • thermometer
  • glucometer interface


Thanks to mobile and web based applications, ZAO displays the data either just locally or sends it securely to a distant server using WiFi.
Using WiFi allows a wide compatibility of the device with mobile phones, tablets and computers.

The Android and iOS applications supplied with ZAO are very simple to use and embed each function in a single application.

Product designed to be implemented in existing telehealth and telemedicine applications

ZAO has been designed to be easily implemented into existing platforms:

1/ We provide an API to our partners
2/ We added a RSS functionality to easily send trames to your system
3/ WiFi can be used both in infrastructure or Ad Hoc mode it means that it can be used either with an Internet WiFi connection or not. If not, ZAO connects directly to a mobile device (phone, tablet or computer).

Technical Information

Processor: TI MSP430

Battery: 3.7 V Lithium ion battery rechargeable via mini USB connector

Communication: WiFi module, available in infrastructure, ad hoc mode, access point and WiFi direct modes.

Compatibility: ZAO is compatible with a wide range of platforms: PC, iOS, Android, Windows phones etc.

Weight: 310g

Size: 94 x 42 x 139 mm


ZAO presentation (pdf)
Configuration manual (pdf)