During an evening when everything had gone wrong, a friend of mine asked if I would write an article about: “What does Mobile Cloud mean for future wireless sensor networks?” Since we had no idea where to start, we asked our customers two simple questions:

“Do you know which OS your mobile phone will run in 2015 or in 2020” ?

“Will it have a web browser?”

Their answers reinforced our belief that the sensing world will evolve to a mix of mobile apps and mobile services (after all clouds are one of the most mobile elements of nature !!) and it finally enabled us to sharpen our vision.

Sensaris will become a major player for mobile cloud solutions by:

  • Developing and manufacturing real time low power wireless sensors
  • Making applications independent of the mobile operating system.
  • Providing scalable solutions which work the same way whether there are 100 or 1

    million simultaneous users.

  • Treating desktop browsers and mobile devices as equal clients ; the same application logic will serve content to both.