How to collect data ?

There are different ways to collect data. It depends of how you use your sensors :

See value on your phone or allow pedestrian to get values in the streets

Your mobile phone or you tablet is the perfect gateway to collect data. Furthermore, it is the best way when you’re outside, walking or working. Simply pair the mobile with the sensor, read values and share them on the web.

Build a network of sensors and broadcast data to the web

You may want to build a network to collect data in a certain area. Nothing simpler. Deploy sensors and configure one of our gateways to send data to the web. Different technologies can be used: WiFi, GPRS, Ethernet…

Guru Plug - Bluetooth to Ethernet (3G as an option)

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Product Description

Guru Plug is cheap and small computer running Linux which can be used as a gateway for Ethernet network. We configure it in order to let you transfer continuously sensors’ data to the web and to connect simultaneously to several sensors.

A 3G key can be added.

Technical Information

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