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Move-IT 10 axis

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Product Description

Move-It is a 10 axis sensor with 3 axis Accelerometer, 3 axis Gyroscope, 3 axis Magnetometer and 1 barometer. It is a perfect device to monitor motion in real time.

Move-It is a wireless device which can be connected to a mobile phone via Bluetooth and is supplied with its Android application.

Move-It is commonly used to measure jump high, speed, to record a race with acceleration and speed indications, for falling detection etc.

Technical Information

Gyroscope: 3 axis Gyroscope: up to 150 Hz 16bit samples , 250° 500° 1000 ° 2000° configurable sensivity

Magnetometer: 3 axis Magnetometer: up to 160 HZ 12bit samples 5 mili Gauss résolution

Accelerometer: 3 axis Accelerometer: up to 150 Hz, 16 bits Samples. 2g 4g 8g 16g configurable sensivity

Barometer: up to 100 Hz 24 bit samples 10cm résolution

Communication: Bluetooth Class 2 radio with range up to 30m in free air, GPS (optional) Mediatek chip with patch antenna

Microcontroller: 32 bits

Battery: 3.7 V Lithium ion battery rechargeable via mini USB connector

Storage: 2GB SD Card + Mass storage access

Dimensions: 50 x 80 x 20 mm (W x L x H)

Weight: 66g


Move-It Technical Data Sheet (pdf)