Senspods have been used in several situations, such as:


Citizen Mobile Environmental Sensing (2011): EcoMobileCitizen combines environmental and physiological sensors, a mobile phone application, and a mapping-enabled website into an easy to use system, allowing common citizens to measure their environments and, if they choose to, share their collected data. The contributed data can be made available on the map website for personal, scientific, and urban policy decision making purposes.

The Greenhaviour project (2010): A challenge with IBM Human Centric Solutions where 4 driverless and solar powered electric vehicles will undertake a 13,000 km journey from Italy to China. The arrival is at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, China on the symbolic date of 10.10.2010. The so called Greenhaviour project will create a map of the CO2 pollution levels along the whole journey from the West to the East using nothing else but a phone supporting a common conscience for green-behaviour (greenhaviour).

Copenhagen Wheel (Copenhagen, Denmark, 2009): This MIT project aims to transform ordinary bicycles quickly into hybrid e-bikes that also function as mobile sensing units. The Copenhagen Wheel allows you to capture
the energy dissipated while cycling and braking and save it for when you need a bit of a boost. It also maps pollution levels, traffic congestion, and road conditions in real-time.

The Green Watch (Paris, France, 2009): A watch to monitor Ozone and Noise levels in cities with a collaborative platform to visualize maps.


E-Health Point (India, 2012): provides high quality, affordable, health and safe drinking water services in under-served communities by building and operating the necessary infrastructure. One of their service is a Tele-medical Consultation with licensed medical doctors. They use mobile and communicative sensors to facilitate tele-medicine applications.

Ifremmont: research and training institute for mountain medicine. Ifremmont develops a medicine kit for emergency interventions.

M-Health Kit - Ifremmont

OxiPod test while running

Example of USA East Cost CO2 pollution


*Earth network