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We are sorry to announce that the company will cease operations this month. We are looking for ways to carry on the work and support our loyal customers so please contact us with any questions. It has been a 14 year adventure and we’d like to thank you all who helped us grow and work on some fascinating projects.​

Internet of Things deployment

Environmental data from our Crolles office.

We stream :

  • VOC
  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Luminosity
  • Noise

Click on the image below to go to our Sensdots interface and click on the blue arrow on the left hand side.

Choose A-Talisman on the list and click on the senspod on the map to display live details.

Sensaris releases its API for Internet of Things.

The HTTP REST Sensaris API allows developers to design their own applications that interfaces with Senspods.

Proposing only reading functionality, the Sensaris API will bring afterward the possibility to update Senspods, manage fleets …

The Sensaris API is easy to use. It is based on HTTP queries containing optional or compulsory parameters.

This version is free for the moment so take advantage and try it now !

Documentation : Download Sensaris API Documentation

An example of real time Internet of Things Application using this API is our Sensdots solution : http://www.sensdots.com

Sensing Goes Mobile.

Sensaris launches its “Internet of Things University”.

We believe that user centric models are key for the Internet of Things (IoT), therefore we want people and decision makers from different backgrounds to get familiar with the different elements and exchange creative ideas about it. IoT is a complex field requiring the combination of a wide variety of talent from hardware, software and application perspectives and tomorrow’s innovative services will come from “crowdthinking” . We needed a delivery format which is modular, always up to date, accessible from anywhere, at anytime from a variety of platforms, therefore the format of the various modules is short YouTube videos (maximum 5 minutes each). People can watch them whenever they have a few minutes to discover a topic, even download the video and watch it while on a subway or waiting for the bus.

We tailored the series to be interesting for people with different skill levels, so we will also include practical reference material for people to explore further at their own pace.

Discover our modules: IoT University Access.
Sensaris provides Sensing Wireless Solution for environmental, biomedical or leisure matters.

The Sensaris’ ecosystem drastically reduces time to market and let you sense the world in just a few minutes. Our small and reliable sensors are provided with both mobile and web interface to manage and broadcast data worldwide.

Visit our product pages to discover more.

Discover Senspods applications here.


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